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The Unwanted Pizza

The Unwanted Pizza

Written by Anna and Illustrated by Christina


          When Jude was driving to his last delivery he pulls up to an old lakeside Queen Anne style house. “Well, this must be wrong, this house looks deserted,” Jude said with a face of disgust. “I guess I should still check to see if anyone’s home.” As Jude got closer to the house, the scarier the house felt. He could now smell the stench of decaying wood and hear the sound of creaking floors. When Jude reached the door, he went for the bell. But when the bell rang, a horde of bats and rats ran from the window and from the floors running straight towards Jude. Jude had no choice but to run back to his car and drive like crazy, hoping he would not get out run.   

The Unwanted Pizza Scary Story

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