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Checkers TV - The Reading Road Trip

Geneseo Public Library District and Checkers Library TV presents The Reading Road Trip: Full STEAM Ahead, a weekly 12-minute television show aimed at providing entertainment for children and illustrating the benefits of reading in a fun and exciting way. These episodes are also featured on our Facebook page on Saturdays each week. Checkers and his vacuum robot sidekick Snoozer head off on a reading road trip where they will explore the vast world of STEAM and visit a new location each week. The series features many unique STEAM concepts such as 3d printing, dinosaurs, and many more exciting features that will keep kids on the edge of their seats. Along the way, the episodes will feature health tips from Dr. Dan, crafts and activities with Mrs. Hamilton, book recommendations, science experiments, and much more.

Information About Checkers Library TV

The Reading Road Trip Episodes

Full STEAM Ahead Episode 17: New Years

Checkers and Snoozer look back on the year. They talk about the calendar and New Year's celebrations.

Full STEAM Ahead Episode 16: Happy Holidays (End of Year Holidays)

Checkers and Snoozer travel to Winter Woods to collect a tree so they can celebrate the Holiday season. Along the way, they learn about different cultures and their Holiday celebrations. 

Full STEAM Ahead Episode 15: Roll the Dice (Toys and Games)

Checkers and Snoozer collect a new board game and learn how to play. While on their journey, they learn about games all around the world.

Full STEAM Ahead Episode 14: Winter Wonderland (Winter)

Checkers and Snoozer travel to Winter Woods to experience the fun of snow and Winter! While on their journey, they will check out some super winter books!

Full STEAM Ahead Episode 13: Ready, Set, Go! (Exercise)

Checkers and Snoozer travel to the Fuzzleland gym to exercise and play sports. Along the way, they check out some energetic books!

Full STEAM Ahead Episode 12: Thank you! (Thanksgiving)

Thanksgiving- Checkers and Snoozer take time to discuss what they are thankful for, learn about Thanksgiving history, and read thanksgiving books.

Full STEAM Ahead Episode 11: What's Up Doc? (Going to Doctor)

Going to the Dr.- Snoozer goes to go to the Doctor for a checkup with his doctor, Dr. Dan! Checkers will also be discussing books about going to the doctor.

Full STEAM Ahead Episode 10: Snoozer to the Rescue (Superheros)

Superheroes- Snoozer becomes a superhero, complete with a new costume! Along the way, Checkers teaches Snoozer about Superhero history and the two visit the Strong National Museum of Play!

Full STEAM Ahead Episode 9: To the Top! (Disabilities)

Disabilities- Checkers and Snoozer learn about disabilities and how they affect humans and even animals. They will visit Amy, a gymnast battling type 1 diabetes and discuss their meeting with famous dolphin, Winter, who lost her tail in an accident. They also will learn how science and technology have helped disabled people.

Full STEAM Ahead Episode 8: Spooked Snoozer (Halloween)

Halloween Special- In this Halloween Special, Checkers and Snoozer are off on a chilling reading road trip! They will be exploring spooky Halloween books along the way and may run into some ghostly guests.

Full STEAM Ahead Episode 7: The Feeling of Music (Music)

Music: Checkers and Snoozer explore the extraordinary world of music. They will learn music history and the secret behind how music affects our emotions.

Full STEAM Ahead Episode 6: Where No Snoozer has Gone Before (Outer Space)

Outer Space- Snoozer is going on a space mission! Checkers and Snoozer will be reading some of the coolest space books and learning more about astronauts, the moon, and other planets in our solar system!

Full STEAM Ahead Episode 5: Sound the Alarm (Fire Safety Week)

Checkers and Snoozer are visiting a real fire department! Along the way, they will be learning all about fire safety and reading fire safety books.

Full STEAM Ahead Episode 4: RRT Full STEAM Ahead Science Experiments

Checkers and Snoozer learn about volcanoes. They visit Mrs. Hamilton's classroom to do a science experiment and craft that involves volcanoes.

Full STEAM Ahead Episode 3: Delicious and Nutritious (Fruits and Vegetables)

Checkers and Snoozer are on a mission to learn where fruits and vegetables come from, why they are important and how we can grow them right in our backyard!

Full STEAM Ahead Episode 2: 3D Printing

Checkers and Snoozer learn about 3D printing. They visit Tresca Design where they learn the construction of three-dimensional objects from a CAD model or a digital 3D model.

Full STEAM Ahead Episode 1: The Secret of the Dinosaur Egg

Checkers and Snoozer visit the science museum to learn about dinosaurs. Along the way, they create a dinosaur craft.

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