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College Scene

Information For That Next Step

College Atlas - A world of higher learning

FinAid - Guide to financial aid

FAFSA - Federal Application for Federal Student Aid

College View Campus - Scholarship searches, key facts and virtual tours of colleges

Overview - Career offerings at Colleges, Universities and Vocational Schools

The College Board - Online applications for colleges, the SAT, the CSS Profile, and more   BrainTrack - The most complete directory of universities and colleges.

Guide to Online Schools - Connecting you with an online school.

Federal Student Aid Toolkit - An office of the U.S. Department of Education

Degrees for Mental Health and Addiction Professionals - How to begin a career in behavioral health care

RN Careers - RN rankings, salary expectations, scholarships, NCLEX practice exams, career guides, and advice

Verve College - Nursing programs

Online Masters Colleges: Scholarships for Women - This guide offers great tips and the best strategies for obtaining financial opportunities.

Financial Relief & Discount Guide For Low-Income Students - This guide lists the latest government, non-profit and private resources that offer financial assistance to students from low-income families who are currently in college or high school.

A Guide with Resources for Students on How to Avoid Stress

School-Life Balance - A list of helpful resources and tips on developing school-life balance

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Resources - They have an open-use guide aimed to help students navigate college fundamentals, focusing on core topics such as program options, financial aid, and internship best practices.


Tools to help high schoolers create resumes:


College Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

A Teacher's Guide to IDEA: Supporting Students with Disabilities  -  A thorough guidebook that covers the 13 IDEA-recognized disabilities and tips and tools for how to help, support, and work with diagnosed students. They also provide additional details about special education careers, as well as a list of further reading materials for those interested.

Students with Psychiatric Disabilities: How to Get Comfort in College - Helpful Resources for Students

Online Schools Report: A Guide To What Students With Disabilities Should Know Before Attending Online College - This comprehensive guide highlights key points students with disabilities should know when applying to and attending an online college, from how to choose the best university for them to where to apply for disability-related scholarships and more. You can see the full guide here.

Research and Guidelines for Students with Visual Impairments -

Navigating College With Visual Impairments -

Physical Disabilities -

Hard of Hearing -

Learning Disabilities -

Psychiatric Disabilities -

Visual Impairments -

Guide for Students with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia -

Which US Campuses are the Most Disability-Friendly?

Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties in Adults

Muscular Dystrophy -

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