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September 2023 Board Meeting

Geneseo Public Library District
Board of Trustees Meeting
September 14, 2023


The Board of Trustees of the Geneseo Public Library District met in Foundation Room A at the library on Monday, September 14, 2023.  Board President Karen Turner called the meeting to order at 6:27 p.m.  Members in attendance were Karen Cathelyn, Lee Fluck, Janet Klavohn, Ray Rogers and Monica Vorac.

Citizen’s Input    No citizens were present.

Secretary’s Report     The minutes from last month’s meeting stand approved as printed.  

Induction of New Board Member     Ann Lobdell was sworn in.

Financial Report/Bills to Be Paid      Ray moved to pay the current bills.  Ann seconded the motion and all members in attendance voted “yes” by roll call vote.   Karen C. moved to approve the Financial Report.  Ann seconded the motion and all members in attendance voted “yes” by roll call vote.  

Happenings at the Library       The security system installation is complete. The Tolerance Bus will be parked at the North side of the Library on September 26 and 27. Claire spoke to Brandon Rice’s high school class about the importance of the public library.


Building      IronClad IT updated the phone system: it is now automated and it has eliminated spam calls. In addition to replacing the old phones, two conference phones are great features in the Foundation and Central Bank Rooms.
Budget       The final budget will be presented next month and voted on.
Technology      The overhead projector in the Foundation Room is very inadequate. As part of the update to the Library’s technology plans, Lee C. will determine whether it can be updated do virtual meetings. 
Children’s Department      Karen T. believes this area needs updating.  She shared some photos of Demco furniture for children.
Adjournment   With no further business before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 7:52 p.m.
Kathi Fluck
Wall St. Journal - Online
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