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Limericks From Jeanne Anderson's Creative Writing Class for Kids


There once was a fellowship of nine,
Who decided to go to Mordor to spend their time,
But suddenly Gandalf died,
And they all sadly cried,
Until Boromir committed a crime.

- Zach


There was an animal, a mole, 
who had once lived in a hole,
he poked his head out,
and began to pout,
his tears overflowing a bowl
- Kai and Lily

There once was a bird named Pico,
Who lived in a little green Gingko.
He had red cheeks,
and gave off squeaks,
but not as loud as his dear friend Rico.
- By Paulina and Christina

There once was a dog named Frito,
That loved to wrap up like a burrito.
He wrapped up too tight,
In the middle of the night,
And his identity became incognito.
- Carmen

There once was a cat who was puce,
Who could do nothing but wander out loose.
She liked it outside,
Otherwise she would cry,
Turning her fur into a light chartreuse.
- Anna

A frog hopped to cross a long pond,
Of birds he was quite found.
For they can fly,
way up high in the sky,
That way he could go far beyond.
- Daniel
There was an old dog from New Jersey
Whose head was shaped like a big turkey
He went to the Prom
Where he met my mom
Now he’s in my backyard playing frisbee!
- Rowan and Kate

There was a young shark from Illinois
A cake he wanted to destroy
he fell off the building
A parachute he was wielding
And Landed in a cake made of soy.
There once was a cake made of clover
He loved to play Red Rover
he ran a little too fast
And his leg had a cast
The cast made him fall right over.
There once was a cat that was strong. 
His tail was very long. 
The tail looked like gum, 
when playing a drum. 
Then he broke into a song.
- Greta and Fritz

There once was a boy from South Tigard
He liked to play league as great Veigar
His damage was high
So he gave it a try
Destroyed the turret with his own computer.
- Rowan and Kate

Once i saw an old vampire
He said he wouldn’t conspire
To bite on our necks
But last time we checked
The vampire was definitely a liar.
- Lexi and Jeanne

A long time ago
Our Founding Fathers did go
The route of Rebellion
It cost quite a billion
But now we are free for our own

- Nate


There once was a cat from Ohio,
Who really like to bellow.
His screeching gave us a fright.
He was so very bright.
That cat was bright neon yellow.

- Jax


In the beginning, there was cake
And from the cake emerged a great snake
The snake devoured 
The Earth was soured 
And nobody wanted to play
Then came a hero, 
who did right and was no zero
And he wooshed away to save the day
The snake spitted fire
The hero flew even higher
And with a big booming crush, 
he turned the snake into mush
And in the end, there was cake.
- Jackson

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