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February 2022 Youth Writing Club

1. In February, the Youth Writing Group met at the Geneseo Library the day after Valentine’s Day! Working with author Kate Ristau, we spent some time working on creativity by pretending someone had sent a Valentine to us saying “You are the _____ to my _______.”
You are the peanut butter to my jelly.
You are the chips to my salsa.
You are the pen to my paper.
You are the cream to my coffee. You are the sugar to my tea.  -Elizabeth
2. Of course, we had many fun, lovely images. Of course, we needed to play with them. The next task was to imagine you had received this Valentine from someone you didn’t find interesting. So, you did not want to really hurt their feelings, but you sent them a Valentine back with pairs that did not go together, hoping they would understand you did not belong together.
You are the thorn to my foot.  -Christina
You are the ketchup to my popcorn.  -Elizabeth
You are the wasabi to my creampuff.  -Paulina
You are the chair leg to my toe.  -Peter
You are the strawberry to my toast.  -Emily
You are the worm to my apple.  -Daniel
You are the heartburn in my heart.
3. Love can be funny. Your Valentine person didn’t quite get the message. They managed to turn around your Valentine pair to make it sound like you liked them!
You are the strawberry to my toast.  -Emily
They must mean I am sweet, like jam!
You are the cake to my mustard.
They think I am so sweet!
You are the worm to my apple.  -Daniel
I make them happy, just like the apple makes the worm happy!
You are the nails to my ice cream.
They think I am sharp!
You are the water to my salsa.
They think I flow like water!
They think I raise them up!  -William
4. Now it is time to be more direct. Either accept them or make it clear you are not interested!
Thank you for the letter where you call me "the cream to your puff." Sorry, however, I am lactose intolerant and on a diet. -Daniel
You are the ice and I am the cone it is a pity there is no cream. -Anna
I would like to let you know that if you are thinking of comparing me with a cherry this will not work out at all.  -Elizabeth
I enjoyed the letter where you called me the cheese to your moon. You are indeed the rocket to my ship. -Paulina
Thank you for the letter where you called me the fire in your heart. However, I do not enjoy heartburn.  -Christina
You are the pickle of my life. You always bring the dill. -Carmen
You are the chubby to my cheeks. -Christina
Hello, Ceiling! It’s me, Floor.
 I am writing this letter to you because I want to break up with you. The reason why is because you are SO boring. You’re always wearing the color white. Why can’t you wear black or grey?
Oh, Fair Maiden,
How you shone and sparkled in your green velvet dress last night, dancing with all the handsome, charming men (including me!)
How you radiated kindness and joy as you handed out cold glasses of lemonade to all the gasping dancers (even though you yourself was gasping as well!)
How lovely you are, fair maiden, both inside and out. My heart is burning (and not with heartburn!) and so I can only say four words:
Will you marry me?
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