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Announcements | Statewide Reading and Writing Contest

Letters About Literature in Illinois is an annual statewide reading and writing program that invites students to read a book of their choice and write a letter to the author about how the work changed their life or view of the world.  Students can enter on their own or through their schools, libraries or other youth organization.

There are three levels of participation: Level 1 for grades 4-6, Level 2 for grades 7-8 and Level 3 for grades 9-12.  One Illinois winner will be selected for each level and receive a $200 cash award.   Teachers/Librarians of the winning students will receive a $100 cash award to purchase books for their school/public library.  Winners and teachers/librarians will be invited to an awards ceremony in Springfield. 



Written submissions will be accepted for all ages until the entry deadline of December 16, 2019.  To enter by mail, attach a completed entry form to each entry and mail to:

Letters About Literature

Competition Level (indicate Level 1, 2 or 3 on the envelope)

Illinois Center for the Book

300 South Second Street

Springfield, Illinois  62701


State winners will be formally announced in May 2020.



Other information about the program is available at the Letters About Literature page of the Illinois Center for the Book website including:   




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