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AtoZ Food America

AtoZ Food America is a database unlike any other on the market today. From regional cookbooks to an exploration of ethnic culinary influences, from fun collections of historic cookbooks and television commercials to “how-to” food preparation videos, AtoZ Food America has something sure to educate and entertain everyone.


Benefits Include:

  • Supplement your cookbooks section while saving money on cookbooks
  • Provide patrons with cookbooks on a wider range of cuisine
  • Allow patrons to create their own accounts to save and share their favorite recipes
  • Give local cookbook clubs a resource they can use to easily share recipes without worrying about book checkouts
  • Teach patrons how to properly prepare food with “how-to” videos
  • Provide patrons with an educational resource on America’s culinary heritage


Features Include:

  • Cookbooks for all 50 states
  • Cookbooks for six US regions
  • Cookbooks for each of 33 major US ethnic groups
  • 700+ Ingredient Articles
  • 100+ Historic cookbooks dating back to the late 1700s
  • 3,200+ original TV food commercials dating back to the 1940s
  • Food preparation Instruction Videos
  • What Did They Eat? Articles
  • Bartenders’ Guide to Traditional Cocktails


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