Gold replica watches with charm and complicated movement

The origin of the Aquanaut watch brings us back to the 1970s. Twenty years before Aquanaut officially appeared, the watch industry was in crisis. As the emergence of quartz watch technology threatened the development of traditional mechanical watch companies, the economy (in Switzerland) was in trouble. Customers believe that Swiss mechanical replica watches are outdated, inaccurate and expensive. At that time, replica Patek Philippe almost only offered gold watches with charm and complicated movements-luxury timepieces in the traditional sense. Similarly, in 1972, Audemars Piguet decided to change under this situation and commissioned G¨¦rald Genta to design a high-quality steel sports watch. So the Royal Oak watch was born, and the fate of Audemars Piguet fluctuated greatly.

The appearance of the Royal Oak has opened up a new watch series: exquisite sports watches, reflecting the luxurious beauty of ordinary materials. At that time, public opinion was very divided. Many people have always believed that true luxury watches are only made of gold or platinum, and replica watches made of other materials¡ªespecially steel¡ªwill not win anyone¡¯s hearts. However, it didn't take long for the Patek Philippe brand to contact G¨¦rald Genta to design a watch that belongs to the luxury sports field like the Royal Oak-a watch that combines the beauty of sports and luxury. The important thing is of course that it must be made of stainless steel.

After two years of successful contact with G¨¦rald Genta, the replica Patek Philippe brand launched the Nautilus watch in 1976. Of course, the storm also surfaced again. The Nautilus case is inspired by the windows and exquisite strap designs of expensive ships, unlike any Patek Philippe before it. Patek Philippe keeps launching advertisements stating that "one of the most expensive watches in the world is made of steel." In fact, Nautilus has been touted as the iconic Patek Philippe and the "Holy Grail" watch of every collector.

The most significant difference from Nautilus is Aquanaut's "tropical" rubber strap, which is the first time replica Patek Philippe uses high-tech materials in the design of high-end watches. The rubber material embodies the pragmatic spirit of Aquanaut, and does not break the inherent elegance of this watch. Although somewhat similar to the Nautilus case, the replica Patek Philippe brand still simplified the case for Aquanaut. Combining large Arabic numerals and excellent water resistance (up to 120 meters deep), Aquanaut is a breath of fresh air with a slim and tailored shape.