replica watches-Traditional spring mesh

There is also a threaded double layer, also called load-bearing wire, that is, the thread plehetni as a production car is complex and costly, using only a few exclusive brands.

Spring Brehetskoho double balance: the traditional spring retina, through the pile and the outer (fixed structure during the vibration, expand the balance spring impact - from the vibration cycle is easy, which will affect the accuracy and connection frame hanging frame to hit different hearts, eccentric game, allow The wheel system rotates concentrically during motion to improve the accuracy of the replica watches.

Simply put, the inner end of the thread is fixed in the smooth nahromadzhuvanni and the outer end is fixed to the outer nahromadzhuvanni. The inner end is also fixed to the inner compartment, while the outer end is folded, wrapped replica rolex and mounted on an external memory.

Your hour humchatka confuses the basic man-made, the spring balance under normal conditions is a subtle circular (concentric with the pendulum axis) and collective bargaining (except for the part of the curve) from the inside to the outside in the direction of rotation of the Archimedes spiral. The weight of the spring also sees one of the most important parts, it directly affects fake rolex the oscillation period and is accurate as follows. Only the clock is very strong impact or vibration may not be very long until spring and spring.