Thread is an important part of mechanical replica watches

Threads are an important part of mechanical replica watches. It consists of filaments, lining and outer lining. This is like the core of the replica clock.

The yarn is mounted on the inner shaft of the pendulum lime and the external weight is connected to the pendulum bus. Corresponding to the balance wheel assembly, the stable oscillation period, because of the determined fake clock accuracy, therefore, the hairspring material, length, thickness, stiffness and spring book directly affect the quality of the clock.

Whether it's a replica watch or a watch, a thread fragment that works fake rolex like a heart will first attract attention. In 1675, the huyhens invented in the Netherlands, the principle of the same pendulum, but the pendulum depends on gravity, the spring elastic potential itself, so that the original replica watch Great Wall may lose its spring in the spring, a small clock, while making smaller portable instruments - Pocket fake watch.