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Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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Announcements | Virtual Summer Camp That's Out of this World & Virtual Open House + $15 Promo Code!

Virtual Summer Camp That's Out of this World & Virtual Open House + $15 Promo Code!

Looking for a Fun Summer Camp done Virtually? This one's out of this World!  With our Summer Astronomy Virtual Enrichment (SAVE) Camp, children of all ages can be inspired to think big, dream big, and to foster curiosity about an enormous universe in which the boundaries appear unlimited.  With the understanding of some simple terminology and concepts, they are better informed about space and the celestial objects that reside overhead. The spark of interest often ignites in young minds where the abc's of the universe are brought to light.

Exciting week-long sessions for children K-12 begin in July and extend into August, with lots of fun hands-on activities as they are guided into the mysteries of the universe by a real astronomer who was a consultant with NASA and worked with a space telescope.  The entire week is filled with constant fun and excitement as everyone experiences a supernova explosion of new knowledge and understanding in this virtual journey throughout the cosmos.  Some of the many outrageous activities include constructing a starfinder, using Oreo cookies to see the phases of the Moon, and building an actual telescope from a kit provided by the camp.

Many other unexpected exciting things are in store for campers during the week with incredible and unforgettable events. 

Visit the "Astronomy Boot Camp" information about Camp SAVE.

Subject: Virtual Open House + $15 Promo Code!
Look Up to the Stars is offering several camps and classes in August and this Fall. Come learn what we have planned for your children at our Virtual Open House on Saturday, August 1st from 10am to 12pm (PDT). We will be LIVE to tell you about our camps and classes and answer any questions.

Register for the FREE EVENT and get a $15 off promo code after you attend the Virtual Open House! 

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